19 & 20 May 2015


at Lodz Grand Theatre, Poland



Daniel Proietto

Marian Walter

Rainer Krenstetter

Daria Klimentova

Zhani Lukaj

Valentino Zucchetti

Christopher Marney

Ivan Putrov


‘Le Apres-midi d’un Faune’ / Daria Klimentova & Chris Marney
Choreography: Vaslav Nijinsky/ Music: Claude Debussy
‘Barocco’  / Rainer Krenstetter
Chor: Renato Zanella /Music: Georg Friedrich Haendel
‘Who Cares?’ / Valentino Zucchetti
Choreography: George Balanchine/Music: George Gershwin
‘Petrushka’  / Daria Klimentova & Marian Walter
Choreography: Michail Fokine/ Music: Igor Stravinsky
‘Swan Lake’  / Chris Marney & Ivan Putrov
Choreography: Matthew Bourne/Music: Pyotr Tchaikovsky
‘Sinnerman’  / Daniel Proietto
Choreography: Alan Lucien Øyen/Music: Nina Simone
‘Spectre de la Rose ‘ / Zhani Lukaj
Choreography: Marcko Goeke / Carl Maria von Weber

‘Proust’  / Rainer Kreinstetter & Marian Walter

Choreography: Roland Petit /Music: Gabriel Foure
‘Adagietto’ / Ivan Putrov
Choreography: Ludovic Ondiviela /Music: Gutav Mahler
‘Vestris’ / Valentino Zucchetti
Choreography: Leonid Jacobson/ Music: Gennadiy Banschikov
‘Berlin’  / Marian Walter
Choreography: Ludovic Ondiviela/Music: Max Richter
‘We two boys ‘ / Daniel Proietto & Ivan Putrov
Choreography: Daniel Proietto/ Music: Alexandre Desplat


Performances: 19 & 20 May 2015 at 19:00

Venue: Teatr Wielkim w Łodzi, Plac Dąbrowskiego, 90-249 Łódź, Poland

How to Book:

Box office +48 42 633 77 77

Internet : 19 of May , 20 of May  (Click on the date to be redirected)


Photography: Scott Trindle   Styling: Mathew Stevenson-Wright   Design: Patrick Waugh














Men in Motion has enjoyed two sell-out runs at Sadler’s Wells when first presented in 2012. The show has subsequently been performed to acclaim at venues across Europe. Devised by Ivan Putrov, Men in Motion explores the history of the male dancer over the last century, celebrating a fascinating repertoire of choreography, which highlights the virtuosity and potency of the male dancer.


Former Royal Ballet Principal, Ivan Putrov, presents a new production of Men in Motion with some works not seen previously in the West End. On stage he will be joined by an astonishing array of acclaimed dancers including:


Multiple awards recipients Edward Watson /Royal Ballet/ & Vadim Muntagirov /English National Ballet/ - both are nominated for best dancer of the year by Dance Critics' Circle
Valentino Zucchetti /Royal Ballet/, Yonah Acosta /English National Ballet/ & Elena Glurdjidze /English National Ballet/
Principals with Berlin Staatsballett Marian Walter & Rainer Krenstetter /RBS graduate will make his first professional appearance in London/
Stuttgart Ballet Principal Marijn Rademaker,
National Dance Award-winner Daniel Proietto /Norwegian National Ballet/.
Richard Bernas will be in charge of orchestra and New London Chamber Choir.
Philip Gammon at the piano.
Music includes Motzart, Debussy, Gershwin, Stravinsky, Faure, Saint-Saens, Von Webber, Nina Simone, Johnny Cash. Choreography by Balanchine, Petit, Jacobson, Nijinsky, Goleizovsky, Fokine, Goecke, De Frutos, Pita, Øyen, Maliphant and more. 
Vadim Muntagirov making his debut in ‘Le Spectre de la Rose’
Edward Watson has a new creation by Arthur Pita & also a new duet with Marijn Rademaker by Javier De Frutos
Valentino Zucchetti making his debut in ‘Vestris
Daniel Proietto dances  a new creation by Alan Øyen to music by Nina Simone
Rainer Krenstetter making his debut in L’Apres-midi d’un Faune  his first professional appearance in London
Ivan Putrov making his debut as Petrushka 
The programme  includes:
Le Apres-midi d’un Faune / Music Debussy; original choreography Nijinsky, adaptation Putrov / Krenstetter, Glurdjidze
Narcisse /Music Tcherepnin; choreography Goleizovsky / Putrov
Vestris / Music Banshchikov; choreography Jacobson / Zucchetti
Adagio / Music Bach; choreography Miroshnichenko / Muntagirov
New Creation / Music Nina Simone; choreography Øyen / Proietto
New Duet / Music performed live by Dan Gillespie Sells (The Feeling); choreography De Frutos / Watson, Rademaker
Lacrimosa / Music Motzart; choreography Pandy / Walter
New Creation / Music TBA; choreography Pita / Watson
Affi / Music Johnny Cash; choreography Goecke / Rademaker
Petrushka / Music Stravinsky; choreography Fokine / Putrov
Swan / Music Saint-Saens; choreography Poklitaru / Acosta
Proust / Music Faure; choreography Petit / Walter, Krenstetter
Le Spectre de la Rose / Music Von Webber; choreography Fokine / Muntagirov, Glurdjidze
Who Cares? / Music Gershwin; choreography Balanchine / Zucchetti

TWO x TWO / Music Cowton; choreography Maliphant / Proietto, Putrov



Performances: 30 & 31 January 2014 at 7:30pm

Venue: London Coliseum, St. Martin’s Lane, London WC2EN 4ES

Tickets prices: £10- £79

Booking fees: Telephone £3.50. Online £1.75


How to Book:


Box office 020 7845 9300


The information on this site was correct at the time of publishing. The Producer reserves the right to change the cast if necessary.




Photography: Scott Trindle   Styling: Mathew Stevenson-Wright   Design: Patrick Waugh



Ivan Putrov and the cast of Men in Motion would like to thank

PolyClinica No.1 for their sponsorship and ongoing support.











at La Versiliana Festival, Tuscany




I parte


1 L’après midi d’un faune

coreografia Vaslav Nijinskij

musica Claude Debussy

interpreti Daria Klimentova, Igor’ Kolb


2 Adagio

coreografia Alexey Miroshnichenko 

musica J.S.Bach

interpreti Andrej Merkurijev


3 Swan Lake pas de deux

coreografia Matthew Bourne

musica Pëtr Il’ič Čaikovskij

interpreti Edward Watson, Ivan Putrov


4 Petruška

coreografia Mikhail Fokin

musica Igor’ Stravinskij

interprete Tim Matiakis


5 Berlin

coreografia Ludovic Ondiviela

musica Max Richter

interpreti Marian Walter


6 Le Train Bleu

coreografia Bronislava Nijinska

musica Darius Milhaud

interpreti Vadim Muntagirov



II parte


7 Volver, Volver

coreografia Arthur Pita

musica Buika

sound design Frank Moon

prosthetics Jin Ho Kang

interprete Edward Watson


8 Traveling

coreografia Susana B. Williams

musica Meredith Monk

costume Andrej Merkurijev

interprete Andrej Merkurijev


9 Le spectre de la rose

coreografia Mikhail Fokin

musica Carl Maria von Weber

interpreti Daria Klimentova, Vadim Muntagirov


10 Beginning

coreografia Vladimir Varnava

musica Erik Satie

interprete Igor’ Kolb


11 Lacrimosa

coreografia Guala Pandi

musica Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

interprete Marian Walter



coreografia Peter Leung

musica Steve Reich

interprete Tim Matiakis, Ivan Putrov








Ivan Putrov

Elena Glurdjidze

Edward Watson

by Charlotte MacMillan

Daniel Proietto

Vadim Muntagorov

Marijn Rademaker

by Roman Novitzky

Yonah Acosta

Rainer Krenstetter

Valentino Zucchetti

Marian Walter